Shanny has been working hard to approach all angles from the perspective of users, starting with affordable, high-qulity product and ending with 100% satisfaction. 

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  • How long does the coverage last?

The Warranty Period lasts for 1 year (365 days) from the date you purchased the Product. Your purchase date is printed on the receipt you received with the Product.

  • What does this warranty cover?

During the Warranty Period, if the original manufacture of the material or workmanship of the Product is determined to be defective by an authorized dealer, Shanny will (at its sole option): 

(1) repair the Product with new or rebuilt parts; or

(2) replace the Product at no charge with new or rebuilt comparable products or parts. 

This warranty lasts as long as you own your Shanny Product during the Warranty Period. Warranty coverage terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer the Product.

  • How to obtain warranty service?

You can either contact your local dealer or directly with us for warranty service. 

  • What does the warranty not cover?‚Äč

• Customer instruction/education
• Installation
• Set up adjustments
• Cosmetic damage
• Damage due to weather, lightning, and other acts of God, such as power surges
• Accidental damage
• Misuse
• Abuse
• Negligence